Is anyone fat anymore?

In this world of being so politically correct, I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years the word, “fat” will be banned from the dictionary.

I heard on the news how one school in Virginia is no longer giving “F’s” as grades.  Instead the child gets an “incomplete”.   Awww…. I’m sure the child now is safe from any lifelong emotional distress now that they are free from the trauma of getting an “F”.

The fact remains, the child did not pass. Does not pass Go, does not move forward to a new school level.   To put it bluntly – he/she failed.

But, I digress here.  Back to my point of being fat.   Overweight does not mean fat all the time.  In fact, my dear lovable husband is overweight – but not fat.  He’s just got a little belly fat that puts him over where he is supposed to be by a few pounds – okay 20 pounds.  Is that fat?

On the other hand, I’m in the grocery store and see an obese person who is so big I can’t tell where his stomach ends and legs begin.   That is fat.

But fat is not always obese either.   My father is fat (I know he doesn’t read this so I’m safe).   He’s not obese, but he’s far overweight to where he is simply FAT.

Why this rant?   Because it bothers me.  And it’s so hard not to get fat in this society.

Just look at the TV ads.  Look at the store ads and sales.

Do you ever see the organic, non chemically enhanced, non brain altering, non fat incurring food item advertised on the front pages of the weekly ads?  Mind you at an affordable price?

My beef is not with fat people.   Whatever you decide to call them – they know they are fat.

If you call anyone fat – they just might feel bad about themselves.   This means they might change the way they eat – or buy groceries, or they might decide to take daily walks.

But tell them, “No you’re just overweight – lots of people are… don’t feel bad…” doesn’t make them any less at risk for heart disease, diabetes, joint pains, or cancer – yes cancer.

And what does the food industry do about it?   Nothing.   What does the health care system do about – not much but treat the symptoms.    You’re obese?  No problem, let me cut out half your stomach to make you smaller.

I’m not a fanatic.  Nor do I think there is a one size fit all solution, and extreme cases demand extreme actions.  But that is not for everyone!

Well, that’s my tyraid.  I guess in some off way that’s why I chose this topic for this site.  I’m not a fitness pro.  Not an exercise fanatic.   But I try.

For me joining a gym is out.  But getting on an exercise machine at home like an elliptical trainer or recumbent bike (which I want to buy for my father) while I catch up on the news – yeah, that’s more my style.    I guess that’s why I write reviews on these types of machines.

Just like AA says, the first step is admitting you have a problem.   Being fat is not good for anyone’s health – even my husband’s.  So in this case, admitting that fat is fat – and most fat (not all) is bad, no matter if you are obese or just have belly fat.

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