What Exercise Machines are Best for Increasing Cardio?

Cardio machines provide a great workout that can help you rapidly lose weight. Because there are so many different cardio machines, you might wonder which machine is best for your exercise objectives.

All of the popular cardio machines are good as long as you keep using them. Therefore, the best cardio machine is the one that you will want to use and stay with to meet your exercise and weight loss goals.

People tend to avoid some of the cardio machines because they think they are too hard. The fact that a machine is hard is a sign that it provides a good workout.

The rowing machine, stair climber, and the spin cycle are some of the machines that people avoid simply because they are hard. Indeed, these machines are hard, but they do provide the workout you need to get in shape and lose weight fast.


The treadmill is probably the most popular cardio machine in the gym. People are most comfortable with this machine because it emulates the action we are most familiar with—walking or running.

A treadmill provides a good cardio workout, but you need to remind yourself to make it more challenging by regularly increasing the speed and incline. Otherwise, you might have an enjoyable workout, but it will be a long time before you start to see results.

Stationary Bikes

The stationary bike is a popular cardio machine because it is an easy workout—especially if you enjoy biking. Unlike the spin cycle, stationary bikes and recumbent bikes have more comfortable seats and seating positions. You can read our Stamina 4825 review here which goes into more details.

This might encourage you to stay on the machine longer. These machines can provide a good workout as long as you are willing to challenge yourself. It’s easy to become complacent on these machines if you don’t keep increasing the resistance. You won’t lose weight very fast either.

Skiing Machines

Skiing machines are another popular exercise. There are machines that simulate both downhill and cross country skiing. Out of the two, the cross country (Nordic) machine provides the best cardio exercise. However, both types of machines keep your muscles built up while you workout. You make these machines more challenging by increasing the elevation or the incline.


The Elliptical is probably the best overall cardio machine.  An example of such a machine is the Schwinn 430 elliptical trainer.

It’s a low impact machine that provides a workout for your whole body. It helps your body get toned, build muscle, and lose weight. One of the best features of an elliptical machine is that it’s easy to get used to and stay with.

If you are coming off an injury, the elliptical is a good machine to use because of its low impact. Here again, to gain the most advantage from an elliptical machine, keep changing the settings to make it more challenging. If you don’t push yourself to progress, you could spend a lot of time with the machine without seeing any results.

These are all good cardio machines that can give you the results you want to achieve. Still, the most important consideration about choosing a cardio machine is to find one that you will stay with and keep using on a regular basis. You might even consider alternating through a series of machines to prevent getting bored with the same workout. You just need to remember to keep challenging yourself by staying on the machine for longer periods of time and increasing the intensity of the workout.

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