3 reasons to start exercising now!

Exercise has never been much of an issue for me.  I was an active child, ate healthy, and always had a fast metabolism.   In fact, my issue wasn’t so much about needing to lose weight, but the opposite – how to keep it on.

I was so skinny, it became almost a curse for me growing up.  I was teased quite a bit and made fun of.  Not good for one’s self esteem.

One day I went to the doctor to see if something was wrong with me.  After all, everyone made me feel that way.  But ended up there was no “cure” and it was just hereditary.  I got in the car and cried all the way home.  It’s one thing to have too much shape in your figure – it’s another to have none all the way through high school, college and even afterward. I as a perfect stick.

But… this never gave me the right to stop exercising. In fact, it should have given me all the more reason.

Exercise is so important to one’s own health.  Whether skinny, fat, or somewhere in between – we all have the same organs, veins, and whatever else that makes us keep breathing and living day to day.

The worse condition our insides are in, the worse our quality of life becomes from the inside out.

As I got older I started having to deal with a few things I never thought I would have to.   From flabby arms to thicker thighs, and yes… belly fat!   I tried a few sit ups from time to time to no avail.  I tried doing dumbbell exercises while spending time with my cat, still not much difference.

Now I wish I could go back, even a few years ago and take exercise a bit more seriously.

So here are 3 reasons why it is good to start exercising now!

1.  Later may not be too late, but it will make it harder.

Later means having to compensate for what wasn’t done now.  For example, take building muscle.   The longer you or I wait, the more we have to make up for.   If I work on it today, that is one step closer to reaching my goals.   Even if it starts with a simple bike ride, or stationary exercise bike, the fact still remains – the longer we wait – the more catch  up we have to deal with.

2.  Future is unknown.

You never know what can happen in the future.   From pregnancy to getting sick from some virus.  The point is, the healthier you are today, the better your chances of dealing with strains and compromises your body will face later.

3.  A strong heart.

My grandmother lived to be 94 years young.  Every time she came back from the doctor she was down because he kept saying it was her strong heart that kept her going.   The poor lady just wanted to go meet her Maker, and her strong heart was holding her back! I hope my heart keeps me going far beyond 94.   But in order to that, one must make sure their heart is good.   One way to do this is with cardio exercises.   My grandmother didn’t sit infront of a computer most of her days.  She was active and moved around.   She also ate healthy – except for the pigs feet.

I don’t admit to be the model of exercise.  In fact the opposite.  Exercise isn’t always about losing weight – or gaining muscle. It’s about health and I have to remind myself that all the time.

People think I’m healthy because I’m not obese and don’t have a double chin.  But they don’t know what I’m like inside.   And that is where health starts – our insides.  From the foods we eat to the muscles protecting our joints.

Skinny, fat or in between, we all have a right to be healthy and live long quality filled lives.

So here’s a protein shake toast to all our healthy goals!

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