4 Strengthening Exercises For People With Weak Knees

Do you feel pain on your knees when you walk or stand for too long?  Do you have knee issues?  Do your knees easily incur injuries?  If so, you might want to try the exercises in this post to strengthen your knees.

People with weak knees require exercise.  Why?  The reason is that exercising will boost the muscles surrounding their kneecap.  In addition, muscles on these areas are stretched too therefore making their knees strong.  So what say you?  Are you up for the exercises below?  You should be!

1.  Strength or power training – your arms are not the only body parts that need strength training.  Your knees deserve them as well.  If you intend to do this exercise, you might want to try exercises that involve your quadriceps (or muscles in the upper leg front), the muscles at the back of your upper leg, and your hamstrings.

Do exercises for these areas no less than twice a week.  Wall squat is one example of these exercises.  This involves leaning your back and squatting.  Do three sets with 12 counts each.

2.  Pilates – in this type of exercise, your body is mainly used to help you strengthen your knees.  One example of Pilates routine is the assisted knee raise.  Lie flat on your back.  Put a pillow under your head and hold a towel.  Gently flex your legs at your knees.

    Bind the back of your right thigh towards your knee with the use of the towel.  Softly tug the towel so that your knee rises to your chest.  Hold this position for approximately 20 seconds.  Do the same for the other leg.  Do it for 11 more times.

    3.Low Impact Aerobics – this is most suited to those who are afflicted by arthritis.  Those who have injured knees can do this as well.  There are several exercises under this type.  You can opt for swimming.  Swimming is an appropriate work out to those who have injured knees as the water supports your body weight.

      You can train without having to batter your knees too much.  Aside from swimming, you can ride a stationary bike at home or at the gym.  This simple routine beefs up your hamstrings, calf muscles, and quadriceps.  If you don’t know how to swim or are too lazy to go to the gym, you can dance to exercise your knees.  Do this kind of exercise about three times a week for optimum results.

      4. Simple stretches – simple stretching can help you alleviate or prevent pain in the knees.  The exercise is simple.  Place your feet apart and bend at your waist.  Slowly stretch until your palms reach the floor.  Easy, right?

        These exercises are really doable.  You can do them at the gym or at home.  Just remember to do them at least three times a week to achieve the effects you want.  Don’t worry, your knees will feel better in no time.  If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your physician first before doing any kind of exercise.

        Good luck and be well.

        Author’s bio: Marcy Gray likes sharing her tips and tricks, and opinion through writing. In addition, she likes to write about various topics such as danby ddr7009ree and whirlpool ap51030k.

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        Technology Has A Part In Health Care!

        How the technology changed health care?

        Technology has brought the unexpected revolutions in the whole world. Same is the case with health care. Technology has brought many revolutionary changes to health care in numerous ways. This was not a rapid change, but it was a gradual change which started in the 20th century and moved over to the 21st century. . Few ways in which technology has created an impact on health care have been written below:

        Testing & Imaging

        Technology has provided us with better testing and imaging techniques which lead to better resulting and understanding of every problem. Though the technology oriented instruments have their negative effects as well, yet they have provided us with what had been more than a dream before. For example X-ray computed Tomography lets us understand the technicalities inside our bodies, but the radiations from it are extremely risky for human body skin tissues.

        Blood testing is another area which needs to be monitored accurately. The latest technology has provided man with advance level of standardization and safety that was not possible to be attained before. With few drops of blood, man can now figure out what is the problem with any human being. This is the power of technology.

        Some of the interesting technology oriented health care or monitor systems include

        • Electrocardiography
        • Magnetic resonance imaging
        • Sonography

        These devices help human eye to understand the smaller details of a human body. Better information leads to early detection of the problems of human body and better detection means easy cure. The basic emphasis is on the detection of the issues and cure is the next phase. This detection is only possible with the new testing and monitoring modalities.

        Accuracy Level:

        Surgery is an important element in the health industry. The innovation in the surgical field made sure the accuracy of the cures and improved the capabilities of surgery itself. The technology has allowed you to be more effective and less invasive on the human body. For Example laser technology has offered you to be very effective on ophthalmology. It helps you carry out many surgeries without incising.

        Different forms of Treatment with new technology:

        Innovation in technology brings a change in the forms of treatment. New treatments are based on new technologies. The latest treatment methods are surely better than the older ones. For example, therapeutic ultrasound is a newly introduced method for smoothing the blood flow and regenerating the cells plus improving the oxygenation.

        Though there are number of risks involved in the latest technology and it does not give hundred percent correct results, however, it ensures a better success rate and saves more lives while provides solutions to different problems. This is why the technology has resulted in increased life spans. The average age has now risen especially after the 20th century. The field of health technology is still improving and evolving with the passage of time. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, technology has conquered what was impossible before!

        Author Bio:

        Aimee Sparker- Expert writer in health and beauty; presently rendering her services for Nationwide Synergy Inc. NSI is a place to deal hormone deficiency in men and women by HGH therapy, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Replacement Therapy for low testosterone levels.

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        5 Tips to Squeeze Exercise in a Busy Schedule

        So little time so much to do. This is a popular line from the song “So Little Time” by Arkarna. I could not agree more. With our lifestyle today, we have too many things on our plate that it makes it difficult to balance our time.

        Balancing or managing your time is probably the most challenging thing to do today. You can’t easily juggle your career, your home life, and social life. Don’t forget about your health too. We still need to exercise despite the hectic schedule. But how can we do that if we merely have the time to breathe? This article has 5 tips so you can fit in exercise with your busy schedule.

        1. Wake up about 20 to 30 minutes earlier than your usual time. You can do a morning jog around the village or just on your treadmill before you go to work. An alternate exercise is biking or walking.

        All you need is about 30 minutes of your time on probably the most peaceful time of the day. You might want to workout too. Pop your pilates, yoga, or aerobics cd and start breaking a sweat. Half an hour is enough to tone your body and keep yourself healthy.

        2. If you find it difficult to wake up extra early, you might want to try other things. You can walk on your way to the office. If you are doing this, please bring extra set of clothes and towel for a brief shower.Make sure that you are taking a shortcut to work or else, you will smell like old socks as soon as you finish walking. But if the route to the office is too far, you can drive to work and park at the farthest end. This way, you will still need to walk far.

        3. Exercise inside the office. Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs. This is a great cardio workout. You can also stretch on your idle time. Toe touches, arm and neck rotations, and lunges are perfect for the office space.

        You can even do yoga stretches at work. There are many others who pick up lunch instead of having them delivered. You might want to try this technique as well.

        4. Do your chores. You can cut the grass, mow your lawn, or the rake leaves in your yard. You can even try washing your car the ordinary way (without the hose). I am sure that you will burn some calories by doing these chores at home. In addition, you make your significant other by contributing to the house chores.

        5. Dance. Do this before you go to bed or as soon as you wake up. Pop your favorite dance hits and start dancing. Just 5 to 15 minutes of dancing will definitely make you sweat and shed off some weight. You can invite your room mate or your other half to make dancing more fun.Don’t just tell yourself that you cannnot do all these things because your are busy. Say “Yes, I can”. Many have already tried these techniques and see it work despite their busy lifestyle. What about you? When are you going to try this?

        Author’s bio: Marcy Gray keeps her cool in whatever life throws at her. In addition, she likes to write reviews about home improvement and baby care products frigidaire fad504tdd and Stroller and pram

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        Are You Tired Of Looking In The Mirror And NOT Adoring What You See?

        Mirror O’ Mirror – tell me, am I beautiful? Are you asking the same question again and again from the mirror, but still don’t get the positive answer? Think; there is something wrong, not with the mirror, but with your looks, your body, your appearance. Sort that out to make the decision (of looking beautiful) in your favor. Otherwise you will have to suffer while shopping your favorite clothes because the size is not available.

        Weight gain – frustrating situation for women

        Women are most conscious about weight gain, they want to look slim and fit and they do whatever they can to cut down extra pounds. This all is the phenomenon required to make a woman beautiful. Main reason behind weight gain is slow metabolism rate that’s why fat-burning process also gets slower.

        Body Shaper Machine – an innovation to help weight conscious women

        This machine is superb in treating the weight loss in a more biological manner. This invention makes woman’s body slim, having lean mass and trimmed figure.

        Machine is specific to women

        You might have heard about many other exercising machines that work well to build a man’s body, but this machine goes excellent with a woman’s body. This machine carries the techniques utilized in Pilate’s movements and yoga. The posture movements involved while exercising through Body Shaper make muscles get lean mass and burn the extra fats.

        Why Body Shaper Machine?

        Here are major reasons why to prefer Body Shaper as best exercise machine for women:

        • Fat accumulation at arms can be reduced
        • Legs become slim and your figure will look sexier
        • Breast become firm
        • Visible shoulder and beautiful clavicles
        • Incase of dissatisfaction with results, you can claim your money back
        • You would be able to move with lightweight anywhere you want.

        Working of Body Shaper

        Unlike old machines, Body Shaper machine works efficiently to lower the fat reserves and give the body perfect shape. Both Yoga and Pilates like movements make it more effective compared to other exercise equipments. Repetitive actions make the body smart and lower the chances of muscle building as happens in men.

        Exercise patterns for body shaper machine

        Body shaper machine focuses following areas during workout sessions:

        • Arms
        • Abs
        • Legs
        • Shoulders
        • Thighs and hips

        Preferring Body Shaper than other weight loss methods

        Body shaper is preferred to lose weight in women as compared to other weight loss options because of the following reasons:

        Dieting lowers weight in short time, but it’s hard to maintain that weight loss for longer as long as you stop doing dieting.

        Joining gym is also good to cut down weight, but you have to pay every month against membership fee. This is not the case with Body Shaper; here you need to make only one time investment.

        Weight loss supplements are also common in market, but these supplements carry many side effects to harm the health of women.

        Change your life style with Body Shaper

        Body Shaper machine is not just a lose machine, its more than a life style that keeps your body perfectly trimmed.

        Its easy to use

        Body shaper doesn’t involve many efforts to get used to unlike complicated gym machines.

        Its health friendly

        Body Shaper exercise machine is safe to be used by women. There are no side effects involved unlike other supplements being sold in markets.

        It works for entire body parts

        Body Shaper targets many body parts at the same time and help in giving them a perfect shape without wasting time over individual efforts to do that.

        Body Shaper machine gives a woman sexy figure that might be her dream. After trying this, you will surely admired by others around you who will ask about the secret. Don’t feel shy and share with them your slimming partner.

        Author Bio:

        Aimee Sparker-Health professional working for Nationwide Synergy Inc that provide HGH therapy, Hormone Replacement Therapy and testosterone treatments for men and women to restore their hormonal balance.

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        Stomach Exercises for Women

        Abdominal exercises are an integral part of every exercise regimen. Whether you are trying to lose inches from your mid section or carve out a washboard, your exercise plan needs to include a stomach exercise.

        Before you dedicate your life to stomach crunches, spend some time experimenting with different exercises because not all stomach exercises are going to give you the results you want.

        What You Should Focus on with Stomach Exercises

        You have three areas of your stomach that you need to attend to when you do abdominal exercises. There’s the upper abs, lower abs, and the oblique abs.

        Beyond that, abdominal fat comes in many varieties. For example, there’s the subcutaneous fat that exists just below the skin. This is fat that is visible around your stomach area. The fat that is packed in beneath the surface in the abdomen is called visceral fat.

        This is the most dangerous and is barely noticeable. In fact, people with flat stomachs can still have dangerously high amounts of visceral fat.

        You should engage in stomach exercises that help tone your stomach but also eliminating the fat that settles beneath the surface of your stomach.

        Sample Stomach Exercises

        You want to make sure you exercise your full stomach range. There are a variety of exercises that accomplish this.

        Body Plank

        Get into a pushup position then lower onto your elbows. With your back straight, lower one knee to the floor and extend one leg behind you so that only the ball of that foot is resting on the floor.

        Hold this position for 10 seconds and then switch knees. Continue to alternate 5 times on each side.

        Towel Press

        As you firm your abs, you want to also lengthen them to prevent skin or fat rolls from protruding from your stomach. This exercise will help lengthen your abs as well as tone them.

        Lie on your back and place a small, rolled up towel under you buttocks. Elevate your knees keeping your feet together and flat on the floor.

        Tighten your abdominal muscles while pushing the small of your back into the floor.

        Hold this pose for 5 seconds and release. Repeat this routine 5 times.

        Remain on your back, but remove the towel. Elevate both feet so that your thighs are at a 90-degree angle.

        Keeping your abdominals firm, lower the ball of one foot to the floor at a time (do not allow your rib cage or lower back to rise). Alternate legs 5 times or as many as you can do without arching your back.

        Half Sit-up

        Using a chair, lie on your back and rest your heels on the chair and relax your back muscles. Perform an abdominal crunch movement using your leg or hip muscles. Complete 5 reps (or as many as you can do without the aid of your legs or hips).

        Bicycle Exercise

        This routine will help tone your oblique abs. Lie flat on the floor keeping your lower back flat. Put both hands behind your head and elevate both knees to a 45-degree angle.

        Bring your right knee forward and touch it to your left elbow then bring your left knee forward to touch your right elbow. Complete 3 sets of 12-to-15 reps.

        To add a variation to this exercise, when touching your elbow to the opposite knee, extend the other leg out straight and alternate this movement throughout the 12-rep cycle.

        A critical thing to remember about stomach exercises is that your body won’t respond to every exercise. Therefore, you need to experiment with a variety of exercises to find those that will bring the best results of tightening all of your abdominal areas.

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        Safety Tips for using Dumbbells

        The size and flexibility of dumbbell weights enables you to perform a variety of strength training exercises. Because dumbbells vary in size and weight levels, it’s important that you make safety a top priority.

        Dumbbells are free weights so you need to focus on balance and control while you lift. Dumbbells are even more challenging than barbells because your arms work independently when you are lifting the weights.

        To prevent accident or injury, there are some simple guidelines that you can follow to get the most benefit from the exercise and have a safe lifting experience:

        Work With a Spotter

        Always have someone to spot you no matter how heavy your weights are. Dumbbells require a lot more concentration than barbells and weight machines so it’s important that you use good judgment during your workout. If you don’t have a spotter for your dumbbell workout, you might consider using a weight machine. Aside from the safety aspect, a spotter can encourage you to push yourself and elevate your workout so you achieve your desired results faster.

        Warm Up

        Spend about 10 to 15 minutes stretching your muscles before you start your lifting routine. Most injuries occur when you exert your muscles before they are properly warmed up. In fact, in addition to stretching, it’s a good idea to do three to five minutes of a cardio workout before you start your strength training workout.

        Ease into it

        Start with light weights and learn how to do the exercise using the proper form and breathing. When doing lifts such as curls or presses, keep your shoulders square and do not arch your back or use your body to assist you in lifting the weight. Use a lighter weight if you find yourself adjusting your posture or contorting your body to complete a rep.

        Observe Proper Posture

        Exhibit proper posture when you workout with dumbbells. Because each arm is working independently, it’s more difficult to maintain balance and control—especially when you are using heavy weights. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, keep a slight bend in your knees, and align your knees with your second and third toes.

        When your dumbbell workout involves a bench, stand close to the bench when you pick up and set down the weights. Be sure to keep your back straight and lift with your legs. Rest the weight on your legs near your knee when you sit down and stand up and use the weight to assist you in sitting up after you have been laying flat on the bench. Tighten your abs as your roll back on the bench. Keep your feet flat on the floor. You increase your risk of a back injury if you pick up the weights while you’re sitting down. Here again, if you work with a partner, have that person hand you the weights.

        Dumbbells are a good way to exercise and strengthen all of your upper body muscle groups. However, it’s important to stay focused and observe proper safety guidelines. Controlling dumbbells can be a challenge because your arms might not have an equal amount of strength. This is why the most important safety tip is to work out with a partner.

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        What to Consider When Purchasing an Exercise Machine

        Perhaps the cost and effort involved in attending a gym is making the notion of getting home gym equipment more appealing.

        Buying an exercise machine is not easy.

        There are a number of things you need to consider before you make this kind of purchase. If there was one piece of exercise equipment that you could buy (as is often the case) what would it be?

        To make this decision, you might want to determine what your goals are. What do you want the exercise machine to do for you?

        What Do You Enjoy Doing?

        What type of exercise do you enjoy doing the most?

        You want to get something that you will use frequently and for a long time. The last thing you need is to use an expensive piece of exercise equipment for a clothes rack.

        Also, choose a machine that promotes the kind of exercise that you are familiar with.

        If you’re most comfortable with standard cardio workouts such as walking and running, a treadmill or stationary bike might be the best choice.

        Don’t overestimate your abilities. If it’s possible, try using the machine or at least a similar machine a few times before you buy one. Seeing someone else use it might make it look easy. If the machine has a high level of difficulty or there’s a learning curve on how to use it, you could get discouraged and not use it.

        How much space do you have?

        Space might not be an issue where you plan to put an exercise machine. However, if you don’t have a lot of space, you need to consider the size of the equipment in your decision. Treadmills and elliptical machines take up a fair amount of space.

        Not just for the machine itself and the space, but for other things you might want to have in your exercise area.

        For example, most treadmills have a small fan in the console, but you might want to set up a bigger one to better circulate the air. You also want to ensure that there is enough ventilation in the room so the machine doesn’t overheat.

        What is your budget?

        You definitely want your exercise equipment to be durable and last a long time.

        The only way to ensure this is to buy quality equipment. When you are shopping for a machine, it’s best to try out the top-of-the-line equipment first.

        That way you will know the difference between them and less expensive equipment. Base your purchasing decision first on durability.

        Then decide what features you need for an effective workout that will benefit you for a long time. You don’t need to purchase a machine with a lot of complicated settings and features if you don’t think you will use them.

        Also, the more bells, whistles, and features that a machine has, the more things that can malfunction on it.

        Do your homework

        Before you purchase you new exercise machine, do some research by reviewing consumer reports and talking other people who have similar equipment.

        You can also do an online search for general reviews on specific pieces of equipment to get a consensus on the quality and usability of the machine.

        Avoid making a sight-unseen purchase on the Internet. If you prefer to buy online, at least test out the same or a similar piece of equipment first so you have some experience with it before you make your purchase.

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        Types of Dumbbells

        Dumbbells are an integral part of any fitness routine whether you work out at home or at a gym.

        In fact, you can use dumbbells exclusively to cover all of your strength training needs. There are a number of different types of dumbbells that are designed for different purposes and results.

        When choosing dumbbells in the gym, consider the type of workout that you do or the results you want. If you are purchasing dumbbells for your home gym, you still want to be mindful your type of workout, but you also want to consider ease of use and durability.


        Adjustable dumbbells are the least expensive but most flexible dumbbells you can use. They consist of short bars, weight disks, and clips to hold the weights in place.

        For example, the Bowflex dumbbells, shown to the right are adjustable using a dial.

        You can increase the amount of weight you use from 5 to 50 pounds on a single bar. Adjustable weights are a good choice if you want to build muscle mass.

        These are also the most portable weights. The main drawback of adjustable weight is that every time you want to increase or decrease your weight, you need to unclip and add or remove weights. This is not a major inconvenience, but it does add time to your workout.

        Fixed Weight

        Fixed weights are considered to be the best type of dumbbell that you can use. They are solid cast iron dumbbells that have specific amount of weight.

        These dumbbells are the easiest to use and are good for muscle toning. They are also the most costly and take up the most space.

        If you choose these weights to use at home, you need to make an investment. As you get stronger, you need to increase the weight. This means that you need to purchase more dumbbells, which can be expensive.

        Just know that the investment is well worth it if you are a serious body builder because they are the most durable and deliver the best results.

        Plastic Coated

        Plastic coated dumbbells are just as the name suggests. They are a plastic shell filled with a fixed amount of sand or concrete.

        These dumbbells are best suited for lightweight training exercises and muscle toning. Plastic coated dumbbells are easy to use because plastic is easier to grip than metal. They are relatively inexpensive, but not as durable as their metal counterpart.


        Aerobic dumbbells are small, lightweight, and plastic coated. Their weight range is between 5 to 10 pounds. You use these weights to grip while doing an aerobic exercise or cardio strength training workout.

        Similar to plastic coated dumbbells, they are filled with sand and are good for lightweight and aerobic workouts. They are designed for keeping a solid grip while working through aerobic moves which helps you tone your muscles during a cardio workout.

        Selectorized Dumbbells

        Selectorized dumbbells are a relatively new design of dumbbell. They consist of a handle that drops into weight plates.

        With a single handle, you can use individual weights or a pair of weights. You can also connect several plates to create a single weight. Selectorized dumbbells have the flexibility of adjustable weights and the durability of fixed weights.

        If you’re purchasing dumbbells for use at home, Selectorized weights are a good investment because they are durable and take up less space than fixed weights.

        You can get a good full-body strength workout with dumbbells. If space and cost are an issue with setting up a home gym, dumbbells are a good investment. They enable you to work all of your muscle groups for muscle building, toning, and endurance—but they are more portable than barbells or a weight machine.

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        Does a Home Gym Give a Full Body Work Out?

        There seems to be plenty of home gym systems to out there that are specifically designed to chisel out your ideal body style and shape.

        But can you get a full-body workout with a home gym?

        Before you can answer that, you need to determine what constitutes a full-body work out. This might go beyond any specific fitness goals and desired results that you might have.

        Bowflex Home Gym

        Obviously everyone is different so everyone has their own definition of a workout as long as it achieves the results that each individual wants.

        The generic definition of a full-body workout is one that exercises all of your upper- and lower-body muscle groups. This includes your shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, back, quads, and calves.

        Essentially, a home gym system with components that enable you to work all of your muscle groups can indeed give you a full-body workout.

        However, being able to work all of your muscle groups is only part of the deal. You also want the home gym system to accommodate your progress.

        For example, resistance is the most common method for achieving muscle growth and strength. Therefore, you will want to be able to increase the amount of resistance you use.

        A home gym that can continue to provide a challenging workout as you progress in strength and endurance is a critical factor in which home gym you use.

        Another thing to consider when determining which type of home gym can give you a full-body workout is the type of exercise routine the manufacture recommends.

        Home gyms effectively exercise all of your major muscle groups, but there are many smaller stabilizer muscles that your home gym should be able to work as well.

        These muscle groups such as your biceps and triceps get fatigued faster than your major muscles. You rely on these muscles to assist with the larger, higher weight movements such as your chest, back, and shoulders.

        Therefore, you should follow a set order as you work through your exercises. Otherwise, if you tire out your stabilizer muscles early in the workout, you won’t be able to effectively exercise your major muscle groups.

        Strength training & muscle toning

        For strength training and muscle toning, a home gym can sufficiently provide an effective full-body workout. However, many fitness enthusiasts believe that you should add a cardio workout to the mix.

        If burning calories and losing weight are part of your fitness goals, your full-body workout should also include boosting your heart rate, endurance, and energy level. N

        o matter what type of home gym system you have, you will likely need to supplement that workout with a cardio routine such as running, cycling, or swimming.

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        3 Safety Tips When Exercising Alone

        One of the most important components of your exercise program is your exercise partner. It’s always beneficial to exercise with someone else so you can stay committed, alleviate getting bored, and have the help of a spotter during weight training.

        Aside from these benefits, safety is the biggest reason why you should workout with a partner. However, having a partner is not always an option. Therefore, when you work out alone, you need to be vigilant when it comes to safety.

        Strength Training

        You can encounter a number of safety issues when you do a strength training workout alone.

        When you are weight lifting, it’s always best to have a partner to spot you. But if this is not an option, use the weights on a machine instead of free weights.With a machine, there is less of a chance that you will drop the weight on yourself if you slip or lose your balance.

        You might also want to invest in a machine that uses resistance training, rather than heavy weights.

        Use the proper form with any exercise you do. This is important to avoid accidents or injuries. If you are new to the equipment or strength training in general, take some time to educate yourself on the equipment and how to use proper form in positioning your body and lifting techniques.

        Make sure that you breathe properly. Never hold your breath while performing strenuous movement.

        Doing so can build up pressure within your chest and impede the flow of oxygenated blood to your brain. This temporarily increases your blood pressure and can cause you to pass out.

        Running by Yourself

        If running is your choice of cardio exercise and you need to run by yourself, here are some suggestions for keeping your workout safe and injury free:

        •      Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. Included a description of your route in case someone needs to come find you.

        •      Run during the daylight hours and in populated areas. Be sure to wear highly visible clothing and reflective tape if you will be running in traffic areas. Never assume that drivers will see you or that they will adhere to things like cross walks and Yield signs.

        •      Wear some form of an identification tag containing your name, emergency contact numbers, and pertinent health and medical information. If possible, carry a cell phone as well.

        Know your limitations
        Exercise is a long-term commitment. There should be no hurry to achieving the results you want as long as you continue working on your goals.

        We often overdo our Fitness regimen just to shed off those extra calories we have gained. Muscle recovery is just as important to your fitness program as getting the proper amount of exercise. Try resting for a day in between your Fitness regimen to allow your muscles and body to recover.

        For an exercise routine to be effective, you need to experience some soreness and muscle discomfort. However, if you push yourself too hard, you can get burned out and give up before you reach any of your goals.

        Pay attention to your body. If you feel over exhausted, dizzy, or dehydrated do not ignore those conditions. Stop your workout, get water, and allow your body to fully recover.

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